* = Half-Day Program options include:
- Everyday Yoga and Movement sessions
- Once a week Language and Music classes

** = Full-Day Program options include:

- Everyday Yoga and Movement sessions

- Once a week Language and Music class (For Prep)
- Twice a week Language and Music classes (For Pre-K)
- Once a week Science class (For all classes)

*** = Option-H includes all Full-Day program activities

  • No extra charge for non potty trained child
  • Highly qualified and experienced Montessori teachers 
  • Teacher to Child ratio 1:8 for Prep, Preschool/ Kindergarten programs
  • Safe, Secure and State of the art brandnew and green facility

Tuition is based on 10 equal Monthly Installments consists of 18 School days in each month

Before and after School Childcare is available to all Blackhawk Montessori families who need additional care beyond their Child's class time.

Timings: 7:00am - 9am

               3:00pm - 6pm

Hourly Rate: $12.00 for Options A-G

​Hourly Rate: $10.00 for Option H

We are flexible to schedule the days that fit your needs. Enrollments during the middle of the month will be prorated for that month per the monthly installment schedule. Please contact the Administration team for more details.

We are located in Blackhawk Plaza, Danville CA.
Serving communities in Alamo, Danville, Diablo, Dublin, San Ramon and Walnut Creek for Pre-school/ Kindergarten aged children
Call us at (925) 575-7212 for more details


Tuition schedule is based on 10 equal installments for 2020-21 school year. Each tuition installment consists of 18 school days and is evenly distributed throughout the school year.

Sibling Discount - 5% discount on monthly tuition schedule

Blackhawk Montessori will be closed during legal holidays. There is no tuition reduction due to illness, vacation holidays or any other absences. 30 days written notice is required for any withdrawal.